Learn About Fabrics

  • Acetate

Acetate is a synthetic fiber that feels like silk, has some water resistance properties and dries fairly quickly. Acetate is a great option for sensitive customers as the fibers are hypoallergenic. It may not be the same as the real silk, but it should still be handled with care and can be dry cleaned as well.

  • Acrylic

This very popular alternative version of wool has the same look as the original, but is much easier to care for, and is machine washable not to mention pocket friendly.

  • Bamboo

If you're looking for eco-friendly fabrics then Bamboo is the way to go. It absorbs up to 4x as much moisture as cotton, and is a great option for folks with sensitive skin!

  • Cashmere

This luxurious fabric mainly manufactured in Asia and the Middle East, cashmere makes you feel like you're at home wrapped in your favourite blanket sittin' around the fireplace, sippin' on a mug of hot chocolate! Cashmere is the softest of the wool family, so it should be handled with care. It's best to be hand washed or dry cleaned.

  • Cotton

Comfy, versatile, and easy to care for not to mention long lasting and budget friendly, and for those very reasons, cotton will always be the go-to fabric for pretty much everyone. Always wash in cold water to try and prevent shrinkage!

  • Leather

One of the world’s most durable fabrics. Leather is made from animal hide, and it should be treated with as much care as you treat your own skin. To keep your leather looking its best find the right cleaner and conditioner!

  • Linen

Linen has the raw, fibrous look of a handmade sheet of paper, with the same delicate texture and soft feel. Linen is comfortable and light and is a favourite fabric for the summer season! Wrinkles easily tho.

  • Lycra

Lycra increases flexibility, allowing for a better fit and greater comfort and freedom of movement. Best of all it is durable, allowing clothes to keep their original shape through years of washing and wear. 

  • Metallic

You’d never guess that this fabric is man-made from metal-like fibers—it’s too delicate! 

  • Modal

A relative to cotton, modal is just as comfortable with the same natural feel. Its water absorbency is much greater than cotton so instead of shrinking, modal actually stretches over time.

  • Mohair

AKA angora, after the goats whose hair it is woven from, mohair is as soft to the touch as cashmere, but with a fun, fuzzy texture. Flame-proof, stretchable and durable.

  • Nylon

Nylon is equally flexible and resilient! A man-made fabric, it combines extreme elasticity with the look and feel of silk. They are widely used for making leggings, swimwears and athletics wear.

  • Polyester

Made of 100% synthetic fibers, polyester offers advantages that most natural fabrics do not, such as heightened wrinkle-resistance and durability. Second only to cotton in popularity, you probably already have plenty of polyester in your closet!

  • Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a cotton/poly blend. It is very durable yet lightweight and it's also waterproof.

  • Rayon

Rayon is a man-made version of silk. It's easy to care for and of course, much more budget friendly than the real thing.

  • Silk

One of the softest fabrics on the market, silk has a lustrous sheen that instantly connotes luxury! Of course, we also all know how delicate silk is. Handle silk garments with care, and hand wash or dry clean them only.

  • Soy

An eco-friendly option, soy makes for a lightweight fabric with a silky-soft feel. Soy is both luxurious and environmentally friendly.

  • Spandex/Elastane

The favorite fabric for designers of swim, sweats, athletic wear and tights, spandex/elastane combines smooth texture with stretchy breathability.

  • Tencel

Lightweight and breathable, tencel is surprisingly soft, shrink-proof and wrinkle resistant. Tencel is a very versatile fabric that is easy to care for.

  • Viscose

Viscose looks and feels like silk, but it’s breathable like cotton! It may wrinkle very easily and should be washed in cold water.

  • Wool

Wool is the go-to fabric for the winter season. It has the right blend and weight for making everything from jackets and sweaters to capes and blankets!